Baur Executive Suites

Baur Executive Suites

B.E.S.T Wealth Management, LLC  -  "Baur Executive Suites is perfect for the small business owner. But most importantly, the staff is very friendly and professional. Larry (Owner), Kim (Office Manager), and Matt (Facility Manager) have greeted me with open arms and made me to feel extremely welcome. This is ultimately why I chose to locate my business here."  -  Brad Tinnon

 -  "The staff at Baur Executive Suites are friendly and are always willing to go the extra mile to try to help meet your needs. I would highly recommend them to anyone searching for office Space in the West County Area."  -  John Gerding

 -  "I've found a home here at Baur Executive Suites. The Staff at Baur Executive Suites (Larry, Kim, and Matt) have become instrumental in our success. With their support we've been able to focus on growing sales and not on infrastructure and that is very important in today's economy."  -  Andrew Orso

Ingenium Partners, Inc.  -  "Baur Executive Suites is an excellent option for shared office services. The facility is attractive, state of the art in terms of technology and the staff is incredibly responsive and provides excellent support in all areas. I highly recommend Baur to anyone looking for permanent or shared office services."  -  Linda Bearman

 -  "I am extremely pleased that we decided to locate our business at Baur Executive Suites. Larry, Kim and the rest of the staff have always accommodated requests professionally and quickly. They definitely go above and beyond customer expectations on a daily basis. Baur Executive Suites offers the perfect package to enable the small business owner to achieve their professional goals. Baur Exective Suites affords a great location, beautiful offices and a warm environment for busy business professionals."  -  Carole Garner

 -  "The transition from my old office to Baur Executive Suites was smoother than I ever could have imagined. The facilities are great, the people are nice, and the atmosphere is energetic and exciting. I do not know what else I could have asked for."  -  Jonathan Goldford

 -  "What a wonderful place to have an office, friendly, helpful and professional. "  -  Chris Clevenger

Toscano & Wilson Law LLC  -  "St. Louis Bankruptcy Center; As an individual that owns a small business, Baur Executive Suites has exceeded all my expectations. The staff, Kim and Larry, have catered to every need of my business, they are extremely professional with my clients, and they have made the office a friendly and fun atmosphere. I am extremely impressed with Baur Executive Suites and would recommend them to any small business owner. "  -  Michael Toscano

Davis Home Improvements  -  "Baur Executives Suites have always met my business needs. I would highly recommend them to anyone with a small business. Kim the office manager is exceptional! She is professional, courteous, and always willing to go the extra mile. Its been a pleasure doing business at Baur Executive Suites"  -  Bruce Davis